Get TOP DOLLAR up to $7000 anywhere in Sydney for your scrap car. If you have a scrap car that’s no more roadworthy you can sell it to us for some cash. We offer up to $7000 anywhere with guaranteed same day express scrap car removal service in all suburbs.

There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars as towing charges as this service is completely free with us. We employ fully licensed, bonded and insured staff and they will quickly tow away your car, no matter the model or the condition, from your door.

Scrap Car Removal Sydney

Your old car being out of order may have cost you lot of money, and now you want to dispose it off as you don’t want to pay even more to keep it roadworthy. Maybe you don’t’ want to pay the towing fee. Scrap car removal can tow away your junk for FREE.

So you won’t have to worry about your rusted car being dropped off to litter in some area. We will harvest your car of all its scrap material, and hazardous fluids, and will dispose of its parts carefully. Then we will crush it off with the help of machines to extract metal.

Almost all old car models are valuable for us as they’re prized for their replacement parts. Our team at Sydney Wide Car Removal recycles scrap car and sell its parts to customers. With scrap car removal we earn more and we pay more!

Why Sell Your scrap Car To Us?


  • The scrap car removal process is easy and we take care of all vital paperwork.
  • We offer highest price for scrap car removal.
  • Your junk car will be off your property.
  • Our team will tow away your junk for free from any suburb.
  • You will get some cash for rusted car you’re no longer using.
  • We can remove and recycle hazardous materials and fluids.
  • We follow green recycling practices.
  • We make available your vehicle parts to customer nationwide.
  • We help environment by reducing need to create newer products using virgin materials which in turn saves water, energy and reduces mining and other wastes. Any remaining scrap is used to create new steel.
  • Over the years, we’ve recycled thousands of vehicles and helped communities keep them out of landfills.


How Does Scrap Car Removal Process Work?

Our collection depots span Sydney wide. Once you contact us over phone or online we will quickly work out the amount we can pay you for your scrap car removal. The best thing about scrap car removal is that we can even buy vehicle fleets that are useless for you.

Once our team locates the nearest depot, we will quickly depute few drivers to pick up the vehicle to tow it away to the nearest junk yard. Besides old, rusted cars, we also pay for aged trucks, vans, 4x4s, 4wds, vans, and utes.

Before You Sell Your Scrap Car To Us

Prior to scrap car removal from your property, do go over its content and remove anything valuable left inside. Check the glove compartment, in the trunk, the floor under the seats and any other area where you may have left something of value. It’s not unusual to find things like cash or CDs. If your vehicle is registered, you should also contract the carrier in order to cancel the policy.

If you’re not the owner of the scrap car, it’s important for you to provide the title that it’s been signed over to you by its owner. If the rusted car has been abandoned on your property, you should quickly call the police so as to acquire vital paperwork necessary for its fast removal.

The Scrap Car Removal Process is FAST!

Once you accept our FREE quote for scrap car removal, we will quickly depute a team to discuss the removal process with you. We can work around your schedule and come even to your premises on weekends or any other time convenient to you. We can organize pickup at any place. There are no surprises in store for you and you won’t have to pay any towing fee. That’s our promise!

Contact Us For A Free Quote

So contact us at:0447 123 885 for scrap car removal on the same day and to get an estimate on how much we can pay you for your old car.

You can also reach us by submitting an enquiry form. We will provide you the information we need, such as your vehicle’s make, model and registration.

Let scrap cars removal do all of this heavy lifting for you, and allow them to properly dispose of your junker, clunker, wreck.

It will surely save you time and even earn you some money. Be responsible without having to go into debt, when you have your old car or truck removed free of charge, and are given up to $6000 cash for your old car.